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Our Best Answer: How can I fix a mistake on my transcript?

Erroneous information on your transcript

You are responsible for verifying your academic record on Minerva using the unofficial transcript to ensure that you are registered in the proper courses, and that the correct program information and expected term of graduation appear on your record.

If there is a mistake in your name, it may be corrected with the appropriate legal document. Visit this website for information on your name used at McGill. 

If the wrong expected graduation term is appearing on your transcript, contact your Student Affairs Office.

If you are registered to the wrong course(s), you can modify them within certain deadlines. Visit this website for details on adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses. 

If there is a mistake in one of your grades, consult with your professor. In accordance with the Charter of Students' Rights, and subject to its stated conditions, you have the right to consult any written submission for which you have received a grade. You also have the right to discuss this submission with the examiner. If you want to have a formal final examination reread, you must apply in writing to your Student Affairs Office.

For any other modifications (i.e. academic year, program information, transfer credits, etc), contact your Student Affairs Office.


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