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Our Best Answer: Where can I get my student ID card?

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In view of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and following the government's directives, replacement and new McGill student ID cards are currently available by appointment only. Please visit the Service Point website to book your appointment.


Getting a Student ID Card

Once you have registered for at least one course in Minerva, you can obtain your student ID card after 24 hours. Your first card is free of charge. If you lose or damage your card, there will be a fee to replace it.

Post-Doc & Research Trainee: Once your registration is processed by the Management of Academic Records, you will be assigned a McGill ID number and will then be able to request an ID card at Service Point.

The locations to obtain your ID card are:

  • For all students in undergraduate or graduate programs (including post-docs and research trainees): Service Point
    • Please note that beginning Fall 2021, you will be able to submit your photo for your McGill ID card and once the image is reviewed and approved, you will receive instructions to your McGill email with information on picking up your ID card at Service Point.
  • For students at the Macdonald Campus: Mac Student Affairs Office
  • Continuing Education students: School of Continuing Studies

For additional information, such as the required documents to bring with you in order to get your ID, please visit this website.

Note that McGill staff must obtain their ID card at the Human Resources office.

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