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Our Best Answer: What are the next steps after submitting an application?

Undergraduate applicants:

Visit the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website for information on how to track your application status and when to expect a decision.

Following successful payment of your application fee, you should receive an e-mail acknowledgment confirming that your application has been received. This email will contain your assigned McGill ID number and PIN to access Minerva, McGill’s self-service Web-based administrative system.

In Minerva you will find your checklist, a personalized list of all documents required to complete your file. If an item on the checklist has an upload link available, you are strongly encouraged to UPLOAD the relevant document(s) rather than mailing them. Please refer to our website for details on how to submit your documents and academic results. Please check the status of your application regularly, as these requirements may change upon review by an Admissions Officer.

Graduate applicants:

Once you have submitted and paid for your application an acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you have included in your application.  You will be able to track your application online via uApply.

Most documents you can upload yourself by using uApply after you have submitted the application form. Documents you cannot upload include official transcripts which must be submitted directly by the institution(s) you have attended, test scores which must be submitted directly by the testing agency, and letters of recommendation which are uploaded by your referees.  Refer to this website.

McGill School of Continuing Studies:

Please visit the School's website regarding the status of your application.

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