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Our Best Answer: What documents do I need to submit for my application and how can I submit them?

What admission documents do I need to submit?

The documents required in an application depend on the program an applicant has applied to as well as their educational background. Undergraduate applicants can determine which documents they will need to prepare for an application by reviewing the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website. The documents an applicant needs to submit are listed in their checklist. Some programs may require additional documents.

All applicants are required to submit proof of English proficiency (PREP), unless they fall under one of the exemptions listed on our website.

Applicants studying in a high school or CEGEP in Canada:

  • Quebec CEGEP students, Ontario high school students with OUAC numbers, and current and former McGill University students are not required to submit transcripts in Minerva. 
  • Students from Canadian high schools outside of Ontario and Quebec need to self-report their grades in Minerva.

Official Transcripts

During the admission process applicants can upload unofficial copies of their transcripts in Minerva. If you are unable to upload your documents through Minerva or you have been asked to send official transcripts or other supporting documents, please send them to the relevant address.

Special cases:

  • If you are required to submit results from a test that you have not completed (e.g.: GAOKAO, HUIKAO, etc), you must upload a letter of explanation.
  • If your school policy does not allow you to upload your transcript yourself, then please ask your school to send an official copy of your transcript to Enrolment Services/McGill University.
  • If a question has been added to your checklist (e.g.: "Did you complete Calculus?"), you must upload a letter of explanation responding to the question.

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