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Our Best Answer: How can I pay my tuition?

Paying Tuition

The following options are available at McGill for paying tuition:

  • Internet (online) or telephone banking: set up McGill as one of your bill payments
  • Western Union GlobalPay for Students or CIBC International Student Pay
  • Mailed Cheque
  • Post-Dated Cheques: You may pay for your tuition and fees with post-dated cheques; however, this payment method does not prevent interest or late fees from accruing on your student fee account if the date that such a payment is processed is past the monthly payment deadline.
  • 529 Accounts: McGill accepts payments from 529 accounts as per the payment methods noted on the Student Accounts website. If your 529 provider will be mailing the funds to McGill please ensure that your name and 9 digit McGill ID number are provided on the cheque.

For more information, visit the Making a Payment section of our website.

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