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Our Best Answer: How do I correct an error on my application?

Correcting an Application Error

Applicants to an undergraduate program: to make changes to your application, please fill out the web form.

Use this form if you are a recent applicant to an undergraduate program and are requesting the correction of an error on the application you recently submitted. You can submit changes pertaining to:

  • Personal information (i.e. mistake in name)
  • Test scores (i.e. SAT scores not received)
  • External identification codes (i.e. OUAC number)
  • Adding/removing extenuating circumstances
  • Etc.

You will receive an email once you submit this request form.

Please note, requests for program changes are not accepted. If you would like to make a program change, please submit a new application before the application deadline.

Applicants to a graduate program: if you submitted an application for admission for a graduate program (eg. Master, PhD), you must contact the department to which you have applied so as to request the change. For a list of departments, consult this website.  

Applicants to the School of Continuing Studies: to make changes to your application form, please contact the Admissions Office at Clients Services

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