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Our Best Answer: How do I get an official copy of my transcript?

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In view of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the closure of Quebec universities, the functionality for ordering printed official transcripts is currently not available. You may continue to order electronic official transcripts in Minerva.

Transcript Requests

All students, including alumni and former students, can view their unofficial transcript and request official transcripts using Minerva (McGill’s Student Information System). Processing fees may apply. Transcripts are printed in English only.

Official eTranscript

McGill students and alumni or former students who were registered or graduated from McGill as of 1972 or later can request Electronic Official Transcripts (eTranscripts) in PDF format to send to educational institutions, employers, funding agencies, immigration authorities, or any third party. 

Special Mail Delivery

A service fee is applicable for your transcript to be printed immediately when onsite at Service Point. Should you wish to use a delivery service (e.g. courier such as Fed Ex, UPS etc.) to have your transcripts mailed, this can be arranged at your own cost.

Adding a form or other documents to my official transcript order

Requests for additional information to accompany an official transcript may be submitted once the official transcript is ordered via Minerva.  You will need to follow the link and instructions that display upon submission of your official transcript request in Minerva (see Confirmation Page or Payment Receipt). A $15 fee per document type is applicable. This includes:

  • Forms (i.e.: AMCAS, LSAC, SOPHAS, WES…)
  • Course descriptions (pre-Fall 2003)
  • McGill Registration Confirmation Letter
  • Admission application number at host institution

Review this website for detailed instructions on how to view your unofficial transcript or order official copies.

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